Here at CONTA-CLIP, we have gained reputation as the leading manufacturer of innovative products, the solution for electronic connection technology. This reputation is earned through technical competence, great emphasis on quality products and services, as well as by developing close relationships with our valued customers.

We strive to become an all-round service provider and partners to unlimited modern industries like automative, electrical equipment, transportation, mining, electronic, lighting, aerospace, marine machine tool, utility and even instrumentation.



CONTA-CLIP places great importance in knowledge that our employees posses. Foundation of the company's success has always been credited to our knowledgeable and highly qualified employees. Their creativity, adaptability and inspiration creates the company's strength.

Continuously enhancing their abilities through training, education and challenge themselves to assume greater responsibilities. CONTA-CLIP's staff members are encouraged to be team players and to pursue excellence in everything they do. This is how CONTA-CLIP reaches its goal of highly qualified employees and becoming a superior company.








An outstanding quality control program has always been the foundation for our success and earned through our customers' trust and loyalty. CONTA-CLIP's Quality Mangament System has been certified DIN EN ISO 9001 and has been continuously working to maintain and improve the quality of our products since then. We makes use of meticulous, quality control personnel and a modern production process in the manuacturing of plastic and metal components in order to allow the company to meet strict quality requirements.

Here in CONTA-CLIP, we test our products to monitor and measure indicators of product qulity. Besides that, we have our own toolings to ensure precision manufacturing of components throughout its life cycle. CONTA-CLIP only select and purchase the best for our raw materials.









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